We all have different fitness goals, body types, and biomechanics... Plateau Runner takes all this into account when we fit you. We take the time to talk about your current training programs,  aches and pains,  long-term goals and what you want in a shoe.   

First, we measure both your feet with the old-fashioned -- but tried and true -- Brannock to determine size, width and arch.   

Next, we'll watch you walk or take a video of your running form, paying close attention to the way your foot hits, rolls and toes off to determine your pronation (the natural side-to-side movement of your foot). Your pronation tells us how much structure you may need in your shoe.  

We’ll also talk about the type of training you do, whether it’s racing, running, walking or cross training. Any injuries we need to know about? How about orthotics or arch supports?  

Now let's talk shoes! We'll bring out several options, check that they are appropriate for your size and biomechanics, then listen to you. You'll feel the cushioning (and where it is), the fit in the toe box, arch and heel, and let us know what feels good on your feet. From there, we fine tune fit and comfort so you and your feet are happy. 


We work with your Doctor or Physical Therapist to get you the correct footwear.